Why does it work?

Lessons are engaging and meaningful

  • Attendance for last term was an incredible 94%.
  • 100% would recommend Humankind to friends.

‘I love it here as they help you with all areas of your life. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I learn stuff i really need like how to budget, manage relationships, make good choices and to believe in myself’ – Chloe (learner)


Kate Thompson, Humankind Teacher, commented:

“Our non judgemental, therapeutic approach has created a calm, creative and healthy learning environment. We are identifying skills and build confidence. I can see a huge difference in each learner within weeks. They raise their aspirations and begin to fully engage. It is great to see these learners thrive. I can’t wait to see their confidence at the end of the programme.

A calm, creative and healthy learning environment!!

  • 100% of learners reported they felt safe at Humankind.
  • All learners agreed or strongly agreed that they had a good relationship with staff.

‘Its such a nice place to be everyone treats you with respect and we get listened to. You can be yourself and you will be accepted’ – Callum (learner)

Abbie Shepherd, Education Services Manager, stated:

‘ We are a relatively small, specialist provision for learners who struggle in a mainstream environment.  Many of our young people have a vast array of barriers to learning including mental health issues, autism, ODD, ADHD, caring responsibilities, bereavement and low self-esteem. We offer support, motivation and guidance to help learners reach their full potential.  Every day, I love coming to work with learners and staff who are incredible.’