The Phoenix Project for pre-16s


Since September 2019, we’ve been running short courses, each lasting twelve weeks (two days per week). From January, 2020, our new separate Pre-16 area will include classrooms, therapeutic rooms, art centre, media room and common room. The groups will consist of up to four learners, and will be run by specialist teachers and counsellors. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Places will be limited. To book your place, please talk to us.

Courses for under 16s

We will provide short courses in

  • Positive choices
  • Life skills
  • Introduction to health and social care
  • Building confidence and resilience
  • Coping with bereavement
  • Plus, tailored courses.

Counselling in schools: a blueprint for the future

Meeting the needs of the education provider

Making a difference for under 16s

A calm, creative and healthy learning environment

Faye Codling, Humankind Work & Skills Senior Manager, says: “As well as these courses, we design bespoke courses if four places are purchased together, to meet an education provider’s specific aims and objectives.”

Abbie Shepherd, Education Centre Manager, says: “This is a new offer but we are confident in what we offer. We are a relatively small, specialist provision for learners who are not managing in a mainstream environment.
“Many of our young people have a vast array of barriers to learning including mental health issues, autism, ODD, ADHD, caring responsibilities, bereavement and low self-esteem.”

Kate Thompson, Humankind Teacher, says: “The therapeutic approach has created a calm, creative and healthy learning environment.
We are identifying skills and building confidence. I can see a huge difference in each learner within 6 weeks. They have raised their aspirations and are engaging well. It is great to see these learners thrive. I can’t wait to see their confidence at the end of 12 weeks. Every day, I love coming to work and working with learners who are incredible.”