Welcoming our new 2020/21 learners

Welcome to Humankind Education Centre!

We are looking forward to meeting you when you start your learning programme in September.  Usually we would invite you in for a tour of the Education Centre at this time but we are unable to do that at the moment.  Instead we have put together this photo tour that we hope will be helpful.

When you arrive at the Education Centre on your first day you will come in through the front entrance:

Your teacher will meet you here, in Reception, and take you to your classroom.

There are four classrooms in the Education Centre:

  • Dragonfly
  • Darwin
  • Nova
  • Phoenix

Can you work out why the Learners chose these names for them?

Here are some photos of the classrooms:

Along the corridor to the right of the main entrance there is a Kitchen.  This is used to support the development of skills for independent living.  Further along there are toilets.

In this corridor there is also a Chill-Out Room, where you can go to relax at break-times and lunch-times.

We look forward to meeting you in September and showing you around the Education Centre in Person!

Best wishes from all at Humankind Education Centre.