Steven wants to improve his choices and chances

“My name’s Steven Grimes. I’m 16 and I used to go to (a) college. I didn’t really like it that much because of the environment and the people that were around were not very nice.

“People were horrible to a lot of people and they would argue over very small things that didn’t really matter.

“I came to Humankind and I really enjoy it. I’m working towards my level one certificate and I’m also working towards level one in maths and English.

“I like the environment in Humankind because everyone gets along with each other and everyone knows how to help each other without anyone being able to get hurt in the doing of.

“My hopes for the future are to move on to a course or apprenticeship in motor vehicle or construction. I’m a peer mentor so I help people learn English and maths which will help them and also look good on my CV, which will give me better choices and chances in the future.”

While Steven was at school he had real problems managing his emotions and did not enjoy being in large group settings.

He was unsure of what to expect when starting Humankind but quickly found it to be a safe and nurturing environment.

Steven has taken part in many confidence building activities and enrichments and has flourished in the responsibility he has been given. He has been an excellent peer mentor, supporting other learners, he has also taken an active role on the student council and taken part in promotional events.

He has spoken publicly and his confidence and independent skills have increased significantly. Stephen’s attendance is excellent and he has completed level 1 qualifications and is currently sitting exams in maths and English. He is a pleasure to teach and a real asset to have around. He is returning in September to build on these skills.


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