Staff are supportive, by Charlotte Whiting

I have been at Humankind for over a year and really enjoy it here. This year I have come back as a peer mentor which has boosted my confidence.
I’m studying a course which teaches me professional skills, problem solving techniques and allows me to work with my peers to support them through their programme.
I enjoy the extra responsibility and I like the fact that I’m treat in an adult way at Humankind. It allows me to continue gaining the qualifications I need to be a classroom assistant and continue with my own academic learning.
There are many great things about being at Humankind. One is the environment, It’s friendly and supportive. The tutors are easy to talk to and will go out of their way to help you. The groups are really small and the lessons are based around things you’re interested in. Humankind do a lot to help everyone in all areas of their life, like mental health, housing and job search.
I want to become a classroom assistant and one day hopefully become a the fact that Humankind are helping me do this.

by Charlotte Whiting

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