Meeting the needs of the education provider

Many of the providers who have approached us are keen to re-engage with us. They want a supportive programme which learners can complete whilst remaining on school roll.
The Department for Education’s Counselling in schools: a blueprint for the future states… “The benefits to the individual and to society in preventing problems from arising, and intervening early where they do, are significant. For schools this can result in improved attainment, attendance, reductions in behavioural problems, as well as happier, more confident and resilient pupils.”

Ofsted published a good practice guide for re-engaging disaffected and reluctant students in secondary education and among the key findings they stated…”

Specific support, such as temporary withdrawal from classes and training in life skills to help students change their attitudes and improve their learning, was very effective. At Key stage 4, a high quality, flexible curriculum, involving a range of accredited training providers outside the school, was effective in engaging students more in their learning.”

The Phoenix Project, which would offer a highly specialised programme, ensuring individual needs were fully met, also addresses the strong movement from government towards providing targeted pastoral support and early intervention work.

Meanwhile, the British Medical Association (BMA) has warned… “Thousands of patients are waiting more than six months for access to psychological “talking therapies” to help them cope with negative thoughts and feelings.”
With our project, a learner will get the opportunity to visit a counsellor from their first day and can have twelve sessions throughout

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