Making a difference for under 16s

Learners are completing an award in Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development (Entry 3) and are currently completing a unit on Teamwork. This unit is interactive and activity based which has allowed the teacher and learners to build relationships.
So far, they have done the egg drop challenge, badminton, pool, 3 egg cooking challenge, water balloon challenge and roll the ball challenge. We are completing a cooking challenge to use all of the skills we have been learning.
Learners have also explored their own identify, who you are, things you like about yourself and things you would like to change so they can ultimately become more confident, self-aware and improve their self-esteem as well as resilience.
For one learner on the Phoenix Course, it has been around 18 months since he was last in a classroom.
Despite this, he has involved himself in all aspects of the activities, created some fantastic ideas, used a dictionary, worked independently and grown in confidence!
by Abbie Shepherd,
Education Centre

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