Learning about war on a great day out

Last Wednesday we had a great day out at Seaham. We have been learning about Remembrance Day and World War 1 so we went to see Tommy the soldier.
We learnt loads of interesting information such as the battle was put on hold when soldiers were buried and on Christmas day when both sides met for a game of football. We also learnt about the terrible conditions for the soldiers in the trenches.
We visited the Tommy statue and I was impressed by the size of it which was over nine foot.
Another great part of the day was when we got fish and chips overlooking the beach. It was hilarious watching Helen feed the hungry seagulls with left over chips!
To finish the day off we walked along the stony beach and all got an Lickety Splits ice-cream.
I really enjoyed the trip and spending time with others was great.

By  Joss Hellem

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