About coronavirus and keeping safe

What is coronavirus?

It is an infection that is passed from person to person. It can be spread through the air as droplets from coughing or sneezingIt can also be carried on your hands anpassed onto others by touching surfaces that an infected person has touched.

What are the symptoms of coronavirus?

Some people have no symptoms early on in the infection. Common symptoms can be a temperature (feeling hot) and a cough. Certain people, due to their underlying health conditions, are classed as higher risk, and for themthe infection is more serious. People at higher risk will be getting a letter in the post from their GP. If you do not get a letter you can still check yourself on the NHS website.

How can I keep myself safe?

All of us should stay 2 meters away from each other. Wash our hands with soap for 20 seconds regularly. Cough and sneeze into tissues or into the elbow.

For those at higher risk people are being advised to be “shielded” – i.e. to stay inside, in one place, for 12 weeks. You can find out more on the Government websitewhich allows you to register your details for extra help.

Consider having a reliable, trustworthy adult to act as your “nominated individual” to help you collect shopping, medication or prescriptions. It can be a worrying time so looking after your mental health is even more important than ever, here are some tips if you are worried about coronavirus;

  • Connect with people regularly – talking to others can really help.
  • Support and help others – try to think of things you can do to help those around you
  • Do things that you enjoy – focus on your favourite hobby or learn something new