Humankind’s remote learning offer

Humankind Education Centre will offer all learners remote learning if they need to self-isolate or if a national lock down requires them to remain at home.

During a period of remote learning, it is Humankind Education Centre’s intention to provide a high-quality learning experience for all learners. Therefore, we endeavour to ensure each learner is provided with a well-structured and individualised curriculum to meet all of their needs. Learners will continue to work on personal development to ensure they are ready for their next steps. Learners will have clear expectations to maintain the highest standard of behaviour and attitudes.

Learner expectations

Learners will be expected to actively engage in learning during timetabled hours. This engagement should be across all delivery methods used such as written and online platforms. They will also be expected to keep in regular contact with their teacher and complete all other relevant paperwork or assessments.

Any learner who is not engaging with remote learning will be contacted regularly by their Teacher and a support package will be put in place to minimise any barriers to learning that may be impacting engagement.

Delivery and assessment

Learners will receive a weekly timetable shared on google classroom outlining topics and tasks set. Learners will use a variety of methods to engage with learning such as live zoom lessons, pre-recorded resources, google classroom and independent work packs. Learning will be fun and engaging to create an outstanding virtual learning environment. All learners will be given support by their teachers to access online learning platforms.

Learners will be continually assessed throughout any periods of remote learning. Feedback will continually be given by Teachers and written feedback will be given on every piece of work that is submitted. Assessment will continue to be differentiated and learners will be encouraged to take part in stretch and challenge activities to show progress. We ask that all learners continue to engage with their studies during periods of remote learning and contribute to assessments.

We will continue to monitor alternative arrangements for exams and other assessment accreditation. Further updates on assessments will be given in due course, once we have received further guidance from the awarding body.

Support with devices, connectivity and specialist equipment

Students who do not have access to devices or internet connectivity can be given further support. Please contact your Teacher to discuss how we can support you. If you are eligible, we may be able to provide you with a tablet through a learner bursary.

Humankind Education Centre does not expect learners to have access to any specialist equipment that would usually be provided with in the Centre. Teachers will ensure that any written resources needed to complete tasks are scanned or uploaded onto an online platform. There will be no expectation to print resources and learners will be provided with printed work packs if they are unable to access an online learning platform.

Support for learners with Special Educational Needs

Learners with SEND or high needs will continue to be supported by highly trained staff in small groups and on an individual basis. Each learner will receive individualised support to use online platforms by their Teacher. Some learners who are vulnerable or who have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) may be offered on site learning. Students will be contacted to assess whether on site learning would be appropriate for them.

Further information

Information and guidance will be updated and changed regularly in accordance with government guidelines. We will update the website and where appropriate contact students directly.