Fairly brilliant! By Tyler Allen

The Christmas Fair went really well. Our group spent time making crafts to sell. I really enjoyed doing this even though I got my fingers stuck in the glue!
My favourite things to make were the cakes. We used measuring and maths to make the cakes then we could decorate them how we wanted.
On the morning of the fair, I felt excited but a bit nervous. I was worried that people might not show up. But everyone in S4S were really organised and worked together as a team.
At 12 O’clock we started the fair. We had a guess the name of the Elf, a tea, coffee and cake station, a raffle with great prizes and lots of our homemade craft on sale.
I was really surprised that so many people turned up.
My mam came and watched our presentation and had tea and cakes. She thought we all did really well and enjoyed her day.
Everyone did their best and the Fair went great.
We raised a HUMUNGOUS £177.90. We are going to use this for visits and trips. We are very grateful to everyone who supported us!

by Tyler Allen

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