Counselling in schools: a blueprint for the future

Our project directly addresses the Department of Education’s 2016 paper Counselling in schools: a blueprint for the future.
We will provide young people with focused therapeutic interventions, accreditation, enrichment activities, life skills and stress reduction techniques to increase self-esteem and resilience with the aim of developing positive behavioural and cognitive coping responses to the key barriers facing them.
We will deliver a non- judgemental, inclusive service with an underpinning theme of building resilience and increasing self-confidence.
The DFE has highlighted the need for this, stating… “We want schools to develop qualities like confidence, resilience and motivation in their students. Evidence shows that these coping strategies are learnable and teachable. Resilience is relevant for all children and young people, not just those who might be considered vulnerable…” and “The interventions that schools found most helpful were those by counsellors”.
We have consulted with learners, counsellors, teachers and wellbeing workers to develop a programme which would be appealing to learners but also provide support, challenges, and development opportunities.
Our courses are designed to make a permanent improvement in learners’ confidence and resilience.
Our group of learners have all experienced high levels of anxiety often derived from issues such as bullying,

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