Chelsea makes significant progress!

Chelsea has grown massively in confidence since beginning at Humankind Education centre. She used to find large groups and formal education very intimidating, choosing to sit in the corner with her earphones in. Chelsea states, ‘I was unhappy at school and didn’t feel like I fit in.’

Humankind provided Chelsea with a safe, relaxed and engaging place to be. She was given an individualised timetable which incorporated personal development, transferrable skills, and academic study. Chelsea claimed, ‘Staff set me personal targets and make everything seem more manageable.’ Another barrier for Chelsea in the past has been her time keeping. However she has shown a real commitment to improve in this area and has not been late once since the beginning of term!

Chelsea completed lots of work around building peer relationships and raising self-esteem which helped her gain confidence. She will now have conversations with the rest of the group, take a lead in group discussions and is a peer mentor. Chelsea is becoming more independent and will let us know if there is anything she is finding difficult or if something is not working. She is trusting staff to support her. Chelsea commented, ‘I really enjoy coming to Humankind, I feel like I have got so much more confident, everyone is friendly and wants you to do your best.’